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Management Survey


You may need the services of StarLite Advisory Group, LLC if you answer “YES” to any of these questions:

    • Do you have fewer than 150, but more than 14 employees?
    • Are you a "start-up" company?
    • Does your business allow you the time to personally deal with federal and state employment laws?
    • Does this reality concern you: HR functions must be handled correctly as close to 100% of the time as possible; slip-ups can cause your business major problems and be a drain on your resources?
    • Are you concerned about losing your top management and key personnel to your competitors?
    • Are your current Compensation and Bonus Plans competitive?
    • Are you a “short timer” that needs to plan for transition of your company in the foreseeable future? Or, do you need assistance with developing your exit plan?
    • Does your company have adequate leadership for its future?
    • Do you struggle with benefit programs, and dread meeting with third-party representatives?
    • Has your company grown and you find yourself at the “next level” without sound management policies and practices established?
    • Are you dealing with employee litigation (discrimination lawsuits, EEOC claims, wrongful termination or Worker’s Compensation issues)?
    • Do you have performance issues that are hurting your company and causing morale problems?
    • Does your business model need to be revised? Is competition and ecommerce eroding your business?
    • Do you need a sounding-board for confidential matters that are affecting your company, yet you have no one you can discuss these matters with? Do you need an objective, neutral advisor?
    • Does your staff need training? Do your managers and supervisors maximize productivity, promote longevity and assure job satisfaction? Are they effective in coaching and counseling?
    • Are you in the middle of, or planning a merger or acquisition? Are you prepared for the personnel issues?
    • Do you anticipate a workforce reduction or business closure in the future? Are you aware of legal and personnel issues that will arise?
    • Do you have difficulty attracting and maintaining talent that will help your company prosper?
    • Do you need an HR Manager on occasion, but your company is too small to justify a full-time professional?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, please contact us, and we will let you know specifically how we can assist you.

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